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The statue was envisaged as being inspired by notions of the Levant and the Mediterranean and as acknowledging the debt all modern societies owe to humble peasantry. 


Over 80 submissions from 30 countries were received. After considerable deliberation, the submissions were reduced to six finalists. 

In their own way, each of the finalists represented an outstanding interpretation of the competition brief; an artistic vision of the universal “Noble Peasant”.


The works of the six finalists were displayed in exhibitions held at the prestigious Royal Society of Sculptors in London and at the Art Rooms in Kyrenia.


An international jury was convened in Cyprus where, after intense deliberations, a winner and runners-up were selected. 


The work chosen was the magnificent submission of Lotta Blokker from the Netherlands, a sculptor of international renown.


The project will be designed, built and taken to its final conclusion by ARUCAD - the Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design, in collaboration with local and international experts in the field. 


The statue, when it is constructed, will boldly enhance the location and will be a holistic icon of Cyprus and a high-visibility tourist attraction. 


Nestling in the Five Finger Mountain Range and facing the town of Kyrenia, the iconic statue will dominate the skyline for hundreds of years.

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