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Our approach to the site design is that it should be compatible with the cultural, geophysical and ecological processes that have shaped the land over the millennia. The project for the site design aims to be innovative and sustainable, taking into consideration the impact of transportation access, environmental constraints and infrastructure improvements.


The entire area is planned to be fully in harmony with the setting of the installation, not only minimising the environmental impact, but enhancing the surroundings with reforestation and landscaping that will provide a seamless transition between the installation and its surrounding context.


Combining landscape architecture, master planning and site development, ARUCAD is dedicated to the belief that responsible environmental planning and design results from a deep understanding of the land and its elements, an ability to visualise space and a dedication to achieving a complete holistic vision of The Noble Peasant project.


It is a solemn undertaking that the project will strive to protect the trees on the site, wherever possible, by removal and replanting. An arboretum and herbarium are even planned for the site to showcase indigenous flora.

Sustainable design is an integral part of The Noble Peasant project. We are mindful of the importance of being good stewards to the environment by constantly striving to protect resources.


ARUCAD has taken great pains to carefully consider how the installation we are creating will relate to the surrounding landscape and its ecological setting. Our design teams aim to reduce the project’s environmental impact as much as is reasonably practical by:

    •    Sustainable site planning

    •    Safeguarding water resources in the area under construction 

    •    Thoughtful reforestation of the site and surroundings

    •    Energy efficiencies through high performance

    •    Optimisation technologies and renewable energy

    •    Conservation of materials and resources

    •    Working to make economically, environmentally and
 socially responsible choices

    •    Collaboration and understanding with governmental and
 civil society organisations

    •    Community engagement and public wellbeing  

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