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Following on from the two very successful exhibitions in London and Kyrenia that showcased the Arkin Award finalists, a new exhibition is planned to allow the public to view the statue..

An interactive walk-in display will show the statue in a manner as near as possible to its actual situation on the mountainside. Lighting will allow the display to switch from daytime to a simulation of an illuminated statue against the night sky.

A life-size rendering of the foot of The Noble Peasant, six and a half metres in height will be prominently displayed in front of the exhibition.

Panels describing the project will be set up around a booth in which a maquette of the statue, situated so as to give as lifelike a rendering of the actual finished version as possible, will be set against a panoramic backdrop of the mountains.


The exhibition is intended as much more than just a showcase for the statue. Among its primary aims is that it acts as a means by which the opinions of the people of the country can be canvassed.


ARUCAD is involved in continuous and active lobbying of civil society organisations, local and national government and, most of all, the people of the island.

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