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The large monumental sculpture envisaged in the Arkin Award, set against the backdrop of the Five Finger Mountain Range and facing the Mediterranean Sea, would create huge waves of publicity for Cyprus as a whole.

We have noted previously the impact of the Statues of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer in New York and Rio do Janeiro and other iconic monumental structures around the world with reference to the staggering numbers of visitors they receive. It is our hope and expectation that The Noble Peasant will have a similar iconic resonance with the people of Cyprus and also with lovers of bold, creative art around the world for generations and, perhaps, for centuries to come.

Monumental art of this kind, especially when placed in such a photogenic setting, creates enduring interest. It is a known fact, for example, that nearly all visitors to Kyrenia eventually visit its magnificent castle. We envisage the same for The Noble Peasant.


If one million people visit Kyrenia in any given year, then that many will also visit the statue.

It is estimated that income generated by the Eiffel Tower amounts to almost a fifth of France's entire annual gross domestic product. Built in 1889, the Eiffel Tower is Europe's most visited monument, attracting almost eight million tourists a year.


It highlights the changing of public perceptions relating to monumental art and the subsequent social, cultural and financial benefits. The Noble Peasant can, and surely will bring benefits to Cyprus.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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