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The “Plaza” experience affords you the exterior view of the statue and the facilities of the well-developed site. Here you will be able to relax in the well-tendered gardens and sculpture park, specially laid out with local flora. The cafés and restaurant will be at the disposal of visitors.


The “Hill” environment will allow for walks on extensive nature trails. 

While the plaza and sculpture park are primarily places for the public to visit, it also provides an opportunity for supporting a variety of outdoor events such as municipal gatherings, summit meetings, or son et lumière displays, to name just a few. On balmy spring and summer evenings, this would be an ideal and evocative place for outdoor concerts. 


After sunset the plaza and sculpture park provide a distinctive rendering of light and the sculptural form. The lighting effect will provide a subtle accent of warmth to the site. Lit from below in this way, the sculpture creates another inspiring experience and an opportunity to enjoy the park from near or far.


One of the envisaged locations for the siting of the statue is a prominent hill of the Five Finger Mountain Range, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the town of Kyrenia. The main Nicosia road to the west of the site affords an excellent vantage point over the site. Three kilometres to the west is the castle of St. Hilarion and eastwards, the mountain range, which stretches for one-hundred and fifty kilometres along the 'panhandle' of the Karpaz peninsula towards the Syrian coastline, is home to the beautiful Abbey of Bellapais and the crusader castles of Buffavento and Kantara. From the vantage point of the chosen location, the coastline and Taurus Mountains of Turkey are visible on any clear day.


It needs to be stressed that all of the sites under consideration for the construction of the statue are conditional at the present time and are subject to change. This is due primarily to the critical importance of geophysical and geotechnical considerations. The final site will only be chosen after the results of extensive surveys have been obtained.

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