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Royal British Society of Sculptors in London welcomes the Arkin Award

The competition to design an iconic monumental statue for Cyprus was welcomed to the prestigious Royal Society of Sculptors at Kensington in London. The six finalists in the competition were invited by the Royal Society to put on public view their submissions in an exhibition that showcased the imagination and creativity of some world-renowned sculptors. The exhibition was well attended and widely reported in the London press. The six finalists, Leo Caillard, from France, Angela Conner, James Scott and Maurice Blik from the UK, Lotter Blokker from the Netherlands and Steve Anthony, originally from the UK but residing in Cyprus, were selected from over 80 submissions from artists and designers from 30 countries by an international jury. The eventual winner of the competition, Lotter Blokker, will hopefully see construction of her outstanding work, that “would represent the spirit of the entirety of the island of Cyprus”, begin in the coming months.


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