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Geophysical Survey of "Noble Peasant" site reveals stable foundations for statue

An important element of the “Noble Peasant” monumental statue project, the geotechnical ground studies, have been carried out at one of the sites envisaged for the construction.

Seismic tests were conducted and a 30 metre deep drilling well was sunk to determine the soil tightness, water content and compressive strength of the underlying soil. Regular readings from the drilling revealed that the land on which the statue is planned for construction was brown clay to a depth of 12 metres and grey marl between 12 - 30 metres.

The study revealed no power bearing problems for the construction of a monumental statue. The report quotes, “The maximum basic base stress values that are expected to occur as a result of superstructure load of the sculpture are lower than the stress values that the floor can safely carry”.

The positive news has provided a huge encouragement to the project.


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