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Why is the desire to build monuments so strong and lasting? What is it that sparks the desire or need to build monuments? 


For thousands of years, humans have had the desire to be remembered. This is done as a reminder to present and future generations of the life and accomplishments of an individual, society, or nation.


The desire to leave art and artefacts for posterity is a natural human response. To allow the lessons and experiences of one’s own life to mean something to future generations is an innate human desire. Building monuments creates an everlasting object symbolising the life and accomplishments of an individual or a society, bringing meaning and understanding to future generations.


The imposing and majestic proportions of a monumental sculpture give a sense of strength and evoke admiration and wonder. Great outdoor monumental sculptures create a lasting visual appeal, are prestigious, and often attract large numbers of tourists.


The powerful effects of a monumental statue, in one particular case, has had important consequences.


A visit to Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro elicited a powerful reaction in Erbil Arkin, founder of ARUCAD University of Creative Arts and Design. In part, it was the way that Corcovado Mountain dominated the city of Rio, much in the way the Five Finger Mountain Range does to Kyrenia. 


For Mr. Arkin, however, the idea that was germinating was for a statue in Cyprus that all Cypriots would identify with as being inherent to their culture and traditions. His desire was for a monument to The Noble Peasant that would celebrate and exalt the inner nobility of ordinary folk.

In a country that has witnessed divisions and conflict in its past, a unifying factor was that almost all Cypriots were, only a few generations ago, sons and daughters of the soil - farmers, animal husbanders, peasants. 


The Noble Peasant, 40 metres in height and standing sentinel over the coastline, has the potential to bring world renown to North Cyprus as a symbol of pride in the capabilities and resourcefulness of its people. As a work of engineering and artistic excellence, it will long outlast our lifetimes and will be a gift to future generations.

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The Noble Peasant Park covers a large area of over 23 hectares and has been conceived and designed in conjunction with the Noble Peasant Statue Project. 


The park is situated on a prominent hill to the south of the coastal town of Kyrenia and is surrounded by the spectacular backdrop of the Five Finger Mountains.



Monumental sculptures in many parts of the world are powerful icons and bold statements of intent.

The Statue of Liberty in New York, Christ the Redeemer in Rio do Janeiro and The Angel of the North in Gateshead, UK, have become instantly recognised symbols of those cities or regions, known around the world. ARUCAD plans to build a sculpture which, at 40 metres in height, will be taller than Christ the Redeemer and the tallest in Western Europe. Indeed, were our Noble Peasant to stand up from his crouching position, he would then be approximately 60 metres tall.

Tallest Statues.png


The ARUCAD Faculty of Design will follow the project, and the work in progress, from the initial concept through to its final completion. 

An important consideration in the selection process for choosing winning designs for the Arkin Award was a careful assessment of the structural engineering requirements. Like all monumental structures, the Noble Peasant will be a careful balance of art and engineering that characterises a completely novel approach to monumental sculpture construction.

In addition to studies relating to the structure itself, detailed geophysical, geotechnical and geological studies have been undertaken to ensure the stability of the site. Once the design and engineering plans are complete ARUCAD will commence construction and follow the project through to its conclusion. With their substantial expertise in constructing prestigious and iconic facilities in North Cyprus and elsewhere globally, ARUCAD, in cooperation with local and overseas enterprises, will undertake this project with the same vigour and professionalism they are renowned for.


A further significant consideration for ARUCAD is the principal of consultation in order to ascertain the wishes and desires of local residents and stakeholders. While ARUCAD is confident that the Noble Peasant project will obtain widespread approval among the people of Kyrenia and North Cyprus, we still aim to engage in consultation to ensure that consent is forthcoming and that inconvenience to residents is kept to the minimum.


A visit to the site of The Noble Peasant can be envisaged as three separate experiences; the statue itself, the hillside location and the wider terrain, which, when combined, encompass the “total experience”. Yet, it is quite possible to enjoy each one separately. The “Statue” experience is a visit to see the monumental work of art - to view it from below, outside and to gasp at its dimensions. This would be followed by a visit into and up to the top of the statue to wonder at the engineering marvel from the inside, and to take in the magnificent vista of the entire north coast of the island stretching out to the east and west.



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The  Arkin University for Creative Arts and Design, ARUCAD, situated in North Cyprus, is a non-profit foundation university, and is essentially a philanthropic venture, with the stated aim of providing world-class arts and design education in the Eastern Mediterranean.


In August 2018, ARUCAD announced an open call to artists, designers, architects and creative minds from all artistic fields and genres to submit designs for an iconic monumental statue.


The project was for a site-specific permanent work of at least 40 metres in height to be constructed in an elevated mountain location overlooking the town of Kyrenia and the Mediterranean coastline.


The desired statue was envisaged as boldly utilising the location in an installation that would permanently receive visitors as a both a significant local tourist attraction and an enduring work of artistic and engineering excellence. 

80 Submissions

30 Countries

2 Exhibitions

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